Devolver Digital is known for taking an unconventional approach to their keynote events, and the Summer Game Fest 2024 was no exception. Instead of showcasing a wide array of games, they chose to focus on just a handful of really interesting indie games, each offering something unique and innovative.

A Diverse Lineup

One of the standout games from the event was Possessor, a slick side-scrolling action game from the creators of Solar Ash and the Hyper Light games. The game not only looks gorgeous but promises to offer a challenge to players. With a storyline centered around exploring a quarantined city torn apart by an interdimensional catastrophe, Possessor looks to be a game that will push players to their limits.

Introducing Tenjutsu

Another game that caught the attention of viewers was Tenjutsu, the first release from Deepnight Games. Players take on the role of a renegade yakuza navigating the criminal underworld in this pixel art game filled with fast-paced action. With a planned release in 202X, Tenjutsu looks to offer a retro gaming experience with a modern twist.

Free Lives, the studio behind Broforce and Cricket Through the Ages, introduced a first-person shooter game that also incorporates kicking and sneaker collecting. This combination of elements promises a gameplay experience that is both silly and violent, catering to fans of the studio’s previous works.

Exploring The Crush House

The Crush House presents an intriguing concept for a strategy game, where players are tasked with producing a reality TV show set in 1999. However, there is a dark undertone to the game as players can explore the house at night to uncover mysteries beyond the surface. Developed by Nerial, known for the Reigns series, The Crush House offers a unique blend of simulation and mystery.

In addition to showcasing new indie games, Devolver also announced new content for two of its bigger titles. Cult of the Lamb, the cult simulator, is receiving its Unholy Alliance expansion, which includes new quests, gear, and items, along with a co-op mode for players to enjoy with friends. The Talos Principle 2 is getting the Road to Elysium expansion, introducing new challenges and storylines for players to dive into.

Overall, Devolver Digital’s keynote event at Summer Game Fest 2024 was a showcase of unique and innovative indie games, as well as exciting updates for existing titles. With a diverse lineup of games that cater to different gaming preferences, Devolver continues to push boundaries and offer experiences that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.


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