Last summer, Inti Creates unveiled their latest creation, Umbraclaw, a unique and peculiar side-scroller that is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch on May 30th. This cat-based adventure takes players on a journey through the underworld as Kuon, a deceased feline searching for a way back to its beloved owner. With its intriguing gameplay mechanics and captivating storyline, Umbraclaw is poised to provide players with a truly unforgettable experience.

The newly released trailer for Umbraclaw offers a glimpse into the bizarre world that players will soon find themselves immersed in. As the lifeless Kuon, players are tasked with exploring the unforgiving underworld, encountering a multitude of dangers along the way. However, there is a twist; through an ability known as “Anima Revive,” Kuon is able to resurrect and carry on the fight, empowered with the abilities of various animal souls. Whether it’s the strength of an elephant, the agility of a crow, or the mighty roar of a T-Rex, Kuon’s newfound abilities are sure to keep players engaged and curious about what lies ahead.

One of the most visually stunning aspects of Umbraclaw is its hand-drawn art style, reminiscent of intricately crafted paper cut-outs. Each enemy and environment in the game has been painstakingly designed by the talented art team at INTI CREATES, creating a dark and enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements the game’s narrative. As players traverse the underworld, they will be captivated by the beautifully rendered landscapes and the twisted creatures that inhabit them.

A Journey of Life and Death

Umbraclaw delves into the concept of rebirth through death, as Kuon’s story unfolds within the depths of the underworld. Along the way, Kuon will encounter other souls that have met a similar fate, each with their own unique stories. The choices made by both the player and Kuon will ultimately shape the outcome of the game, leading to multiple endings that provide a sense of agency and immersion rarely seen in the platformer genre. Will you be able to guide Kuon through this treacherous journey and preserve her feline essence until the very end?

Anticipation Builds

With the creative talents of Satoru Nishizawa, renowned director of Blaster Master Zero, and the experienced team at Inti Creates behind it, Umbraclaw is set to take the gaming world by storm. Its unconventional premise, coupled with its visually stunning art and compelling storytelling, are all signs pointing towards an exceptional gaming experience. As the release date draws nearer, fans of Inti Creates’ previous works, such as Mega Man Zero and Azure Striker Gunvolt, as well as newcomers to the studio, are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to embark on this captivating adventure.

Umbraclaw promises to be a game like no other, weaving a tale of life and death within the mysterious underworld. With its unique gameplay mechanics, breathtaking art style, and innovative storytelling, it has all the ingredients necessary to captivate players and leave a lasting impression. The anticipation for its release continues to grow, and it is only a matter of time before Umbraclaw pounces onto the Nintendo Switch, ready to take players on an unforgettable journey they won’t soon forget.


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