Farming for samples in Helldivers 2 is a crucial aspect of gameplay that many players often overlook. While the focus is usually on acquiring rare and super samples, it is equally important to pay attention to common samples for ship upgrades. In this guide, we will explore the most efficient strategies for farming samples of all rarities in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2, samples are divided into three main categories based on rarity: Common Samples, Rare Samples, and Super Samples. The availability of these samples varies depending on the difficulty of the missions you undertake. Common Samples are typically found in Trivial, Easy, and Medium missions, while Rare Samples are more common in Challenging, Hard, and Extreme missions. Super Samples, on the other hand, are only obtainable in the most difficult missions such as Suicide Mission, Impossible, and Helldive.

Efficient Farming Techniques

One of the best ways to farm samples in Helldivers 2 is by engaging in short bug-killing Blitz: Search and Destroy missions on a specific difficulty level. These missions are quick and easy to complete, allowing you to gather samples at a faster rate. Bug Nests also make samples more visible, making it easier for players to identify and collect them. Utilizing explosive Stratagems and weapons can help speed up the process of clearing nests and collecting samples efficiently.

For players looking to acquire Super Samples, it is essential to keep an eye out for tall, straight, cylindrical grey rocks with white marks criss-crossing over them. Super Samples are often located at the base of these rocks, making them easier to spot. By focusing on specific mission types and locations, players can increase their chances of obtaining Super Samples and advancing their progress in the game.

When collecting samples during missions, it is crucial to ensure that they are successfully extracted before completing the mission. Samples must be carried out of the mission to be counted towards your total collection. If a player dies while holding samples, another player will need to retrieve them from their body. Upon successful completion of a mission, all extracted samples are distributed among all players, regardless of who picked them up during the mission.

Samples, whether common, rare, or super, are essential for purchasing upgrades for your ship in Helldivers 2. These upgrades, in turn, enhance your Stratagems and improve your performance in the field. By spending samples at the Ship Management terminal, players can unlock new ship upgrades and progress further in the game. It is essential to track your progress and plan your upgrades strategically to optimize your gameplay experience.

Efficient sample farming is a crucial aspect of succeeding in Helldivers 2. By utilizing the right strategies and techniques, players can maximize their sample collection and progress swiftly through the game. Whether focusing on common samples for ship upgrades or hunting for rare and super samples, careful planning and execution are key to mastering the sample farming mechanics in Helldivers 2.


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