The Elden Ring gaming community has been graced with a new mod that brings a unique twist to the game. This mod, called Sinister Statue, immobilizes enemies as long as the player avoids blinking. The concept behind the mod draws inspiration from the chilling creatures known as the Weeping Angels from the popular television series Doctor Who. With this mod, players must navigate the world of Elden Ring, all while keeping their enemies frozen in place.

A Novel Gameplay Experience

The Sinister Statue mod introduces a novel way of experiencing Elden Ring. Rather than engaging in traditional combat mechanics, players must exercise their control over blinking to manipulate the movement of enemies. As long as the player maintains direct eye contact with their adversaries, they remain frozen in place. The tension in the game is heightened as players must navigate the treacherous landscape while avoiding the instinctual act of blinking.

The influence of the Doctor Who series is undeniable in this mod. The Weeping Angels, iconic creatures from the show, possess the ability to move only when they are not being observed. The Sinister Statue mod mirrors this mechanic, creating a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience for Elden Ring players. The fear and suspense brought about by the Weeping Angels’ presence on the show is expertly translated into the mod’s gameplay.

While the mod brings a sense of tension with the restriction on blinking, it also offers players an additional layer of strategy. The description of the mod explains that players can temporarily halt blinking by holding down the interact key or release it early to reset the blinking timer. This strategic element adds depth to the already challenging fights in the game. Players must carefully time their blinks to ensure their safety while still maintaining control over the immobility of their enemies.

Modder’s Expertise

The Sinister Statue mod is the creation of modder Dasaav, who has previously worked on the highly acclaimed first-person Elden Ring mod. With their experience and knowledge of the game, Dasaav has managed to create a unique and captivating mod that transforms Elden Ring into a pure horror thrill ride. Combining both mods promises to deliver an unforgettable and terrifying gaming experience, with unexpected terrors appearing in the player’s field of vision.

Keeping Fans Engaged

As fans eagerly await the release of Elden Ring’s first expansion, the modding community has played a crucial role in keeping the excitement alive. Alongside the Sinister Statue mod, various streamer challenges have entertained fans and provided new ways to experience the game. These mods and challenges offer a fresh perspective and extend the longevity of the game while fans wait for the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, which is rumored to be released in February 2024.

The Sinister Statue mod for Elden Ring presents a thrilling and unique gameplay experience, drawing inspiration from the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who. With the ability to immobilize enemies by avoiding blinking, players must navigate the game world with caution and strategy. Modder Dasaav showcases their prowess once again, adding to the anticipation surrounding Elden Ring’s forthcoming expansion. As fans eagerly await the DLC, the modding community continues to provide exciting new ways to engage with the game, showcasing the vibrant creativity of the player base.


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