Escape From Tarkov players recently found themselves in a whirlwind of debates and arguments over the release of the new $250 Unheard edition of the game. The controversy surrounding this new edition stemmed from the fact that some players who previously purchased the $150 Edge Of Darkness edition felt slighted by the fact that they were not granted access to the new co-op PvE mode without purchasing an upgrade.

The studio head of Battlestate Games, the developer behind Escape From Tarkov, clarified their stance on the issue by asserting that the new PvE mode is not considered DLC. They defined DLC as major additions to the game that are released after the official launch, such as themed DLC packs that introduce new mechanics and content. This distinction was crucial in understanding why the mode was not automatically included for Edge Of Darkness edition owners.

However, the studio head also acknowledged that their servers were currently incapable of supporting all Edge Of Darkness owners having access to the new PvE mode. This technical limitation was a key factor in the decision to offer the mode for free to all owners of the Edge Of Darkness edition at the release of the game, when server capacity would be improved. Despite this explanation, many players expressed dissatisfaction and frustration over the situation, leading to heated discussions on Reddit and other platforms.

Looking ahead, Battlestate Games aims to address the concerns raised by players by providing discounts for those interested in upgrading to the Unheard edition to access the PvE mode immediately. The studio’s commitment to offering the mode for free to all Edge Of Darkness owners once server infrastructure is enhanced demonstrates a willingness to listen to player feedback and adapt to meet the community’s expectations.

The release of the Unheard edition of Escape From Tarkov has sparked contentious discussions among players regarding access to the new PvE mode. While the developer’s rationale for the exclusivity of the mode and the technical challenges they face are legitimate, the dissatisfaction expressed by players cannot be ignored. It remains to be seen how Battlestate Games will navigate this controversy and work towards a resolution that satisfies all parties involved. As the game continues to evolve, communication between the developer and the player base will be crucial in ensuring a positive gaming experience for all.


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