Two of the biggest indie games in recent years are set to collide in a groundbreaking collaboration. Among Us, the smash hit of 2020, will soon be joining forces with the widely acclaimed Vampire Survivors in a new DLC titled “Emergency Meeting.” This unexpected crossover expansion is expected to bring a fresh and exciting twist to both games, captivating fans from both communities and introducing them to a whole new gaming experience.

One of the highlights of this upcoming DLC is the introduction of nine beloved crewmates from Among Us into the bullet-hell monster-slayer world of Vampire Survivors. Each crewmate will possess unique strengths and weaknesses, adding diversity and complexity to the gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to explore a brand-new map, the Polus Replica, which draws inspiration from Among Us’ Polus map. The Polus Replica, created by the talented developers at Poncle, is teeming with Easter eggs and tributes to Among Us, ensuring that fans of both games will be delighted by the attention to detail.

A Harrowing Journey through Multiple Biomes

The new map in the Emergency Meeting DLC is divided into multiple biomes, each housing its own set of enemies. This diverse range of environments injects variety and challenges into the gameplay, making every playthrough engaging and unpredictable. To enhance the immersive experience, players will also have the pleasure of enjoying new music tracks specially composed for this expansion. The combination of atmospheric music and intense monster-slaying action promises to create a captivating gaming experience that exceeds expectations.

The Emergency Meeting DLC does not stop at introducing new characters and a fresh map. It also offers players an array of 15 new weapons to choose from. This collection includes seven base weapons and seven evolutions, each with its own distinctive attributes. The developers at Poncle have promised a unique evolution system for these weapons, adding an extra layer of mystery and excitement. Additionally, players can look forward to discovering a special weapon that is dubbed “just for fun.” The reveal of this mysterious weapon has been eagerly anticipated and is sure to add an element of surprise to the gameplay.

Embark on a Thrilling Mini-Campaign

In addition to the new map, characters, and weapons, the Emergency Meeting DLC introduces an extra Adventure within Vampire Survivors’ recently added Adventure mode. This mini-campaign presents players with a focused and immersive storyline, allowing them to dive deeper into the lore and world of Vampire Survivors. The addition of this mini-campaign provides an enhanced and well-rounded gaming experience, catering to both casual players and avid fans.

Mark your calendars for December 18th, as the Emergency Meeting DLC is set to release on PC and Xbox platforms for the price of £1.99/$2.49. It has been noted by the developers that the pricing is influenced by licensing agreements and collaboration conditions. However, they are actively considering making future crossovers free for the players, showing their commitment to delivering value and satisfaction to the gaming community.

The collaboration between Among Us and Vampire Survivors in the form of the “Emergency Meeting” DLC is an exciting prospect that promises to captivate gamers from both fandoms. With its unique blend of social deduction and bullet-hell action, this crossover expansion offers a fresh and innovative gaming experience. Prepare to delve into the harrowing world of Vampire Survivors with your favorite crewmates and embrace the challenge that lies ahead. Get ready for death-defying battles and exhilarating adventures as Among Us and Vampire Survivors join forces to create a game-changing DLC that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the gaming landscape.


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