The recent release of new screenshots from The Wolf Among Us 2 by Game Awards host Geoff Keighley on Twitter has provided reassurance to fans that the game is still actively in development. This comes as a relief following rumors that had suggested otherwise. Back in October 2023, reports had surfaced from former Telltale Games staff indicating significant layoffs at the studio, impacting a large number of employees. Despite this, it was stated that The Wolf Among Us 2 was still under development and any information related to the game was restricted under a non-disclosure agreement.

Following the layoffs and silence from Telltale Games, there was widespread speculation about the fate of The Wolf Among Us 2, with some skeptics expressing doubts about the game ever being released. This skepticism was fueled by the fact that the game was originally announced back in 2019, making the prolonged development period a cause for concern. However, Telltale Games maintained that all projects, including The Wolf Among Us 2, were still in progress despite the layoffs.

The newly-released screenshots offer a glimpse into the game’s progress and hint at what players can expect. From a therapy session to Bigby Wolf investigating a crime scene, the images showcase various scenes from the upcoming game. While they may not reveal much about the storyline or gameplay, the mere fact that new content has been shared suggests that more updates are on the horizon. Fans can only hope that The Wolf Among Us 2 will indeed meet its anticipated release in 2024.

As excitement builds for the release of The Wolf Among Us 2, it is advised to keep an eye out for further details from Telltale Games. With the studio continuing to work on the game and promising new developments, fans can look forward to more information in the coming months. While the road to release may have been rocky, the recent screenshots offer a glimmer of hope that The Wolf Among Us 2 is well on its way to becoming a reality.


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