During a recent panel at Ocala Comic Con in mid-September 2023, Cameron Monaghan, the actor who portrays Cal Kestis in the Star Wars Jedi series, revealed some exciting news for fans. Monaghan confirmed that a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is currently in development at EA and Respawn Entertainment. The announcement of a third installment in the game franchise has generated tremendous buzz among Star Wars and gaming enthusiasts alike.

According to Monaghan’s statements on the panel, the development of the third game is already underway. While he didn’t provide specific details about the project, he expressed his excitement about the upcoming installment. Monaghan emphasized that creating a new game in the Star Wars Jedi series is a significant undertaking, indicating that the development team is committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience to fans.

The conclusion of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor left fans eager for more as it left the door open for future adventures. Cal Kestis, the protagonist, had evolved into a skilled Jedi and formed a strong bond with Nightsister Merrin. The final moments of the game hinted at a new destiny awaiting them, a clear indication that the story of Cal Kestis was far from over. The confirmation of a third game in the franchise has not only delighted fans but also given them hope for further exploration of the characters’ journeys.

The departure of Stig Asmussen, the creative director for the first two games, had briefly cast doubt on the direction of the third game. However, recent developments suggest that new leadership has taken charge and is steering the project forward. While the specifics of the new leadership haven’t been disclosed, fans can rest assured that Cal Kestis will continue to be guided through his adventures by capable hands.

The unveiling of the second game in the Jedi franchise took fans by surprise with a trailer released in mid-2022, just a short time before its release. This unconventional approach proved to be highly effective in generating excitement and anticipation for the game. EA and Respawn Entertainment are likely to adopt a similar strategy for the reveal of the third game. Fans can anticipate a more formal announcement close to the release date, accompanied by detailed gameplay demonstrations and additional information building up anticipation over time.

While Monaghan’s announcement at the Ocala Comic Con has sparked enthusiasm, fans will have to exercise patience as they await further news regarding the third game. As with any highly anticipated game, details are likely to be released gradually over the coming years. It’s safe to say that fans can expect a new chapter in Cal Kestis’ journey, delving deeper into the Star Wars universe and delivering an extraordinary gaming experience that will captivate both new and dedicated players.

The confirmation of a third game in the Star Wars Jedi franchise has generated excitement and anticipation among fans. While no specific details have been disclosed, the fact that the development is in progress signifies a commitment to delivering a remarkable gaming experience. With new leadership guiding the project and a strategic approach to the reveal, fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures in the Star Wars Jedi universe.


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