The Delta emulator took the Apple App Store by storm, quickly rising to the top of the free apps list. Developer Riley Testut has announced that a native iPad version is nearing completion and will be released as part of Delta version 1.6. This version is currently available for Testut’s Patreon supporters through the AltStore. The iPad version will make use of the larger screen real estate, offering better skins and even support for iPad Split View.

Once the iPad version of Delta is released, Testut plans to add “device-to-device multiplayer” to the app. While multiplayer functionality already exists on a single device, the addition of device-to-device multiplayer will allow users to play with others on their own devices, potentially even over the internet. This new feature will enhance the gaming experience and open up new possibilities for players.

In addition to the iPad version and multiplayer feature, Testut has also mentioned that Sega Genesis emulation is in the works and currently in beta testing. However, this update will likely come after the release of the iPad version. The addition of Sega Genesis emulation will broaden the range of games available on the Delta emulator, offering players even more options for retro gaming.

Overall, the future looks bright for Delta emulator users. With the upcoming release of the native iPad version, device-to-device multiplayer, and Sega Genesis emulation, there are plenty of exciting updates on the horizon. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the emulator or just getting started, these new features are sure to enhance your gaming experience. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Riley Testut as Delta continues to evolve and improve.


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