Valve has delivered a plethora of new features and fixes in the recent SteamOS preview update, bringing it to version 3.6.0. One of the most exciting updates includes an improved graphics driver update, promising significant performance and correctness improvements. This update, along with a move to a more recent Arch Linux base and an update to the Linux kernel, aims to enhance the overall gaming experience on the Steam Deck.

In addition to the graphics driver update, Steam Deck owners can now enjoy improved pairing with Apple AirPods, enhanced Bluetooth connection speeds, better performance and stability in high memory use scenarios, and the added ability to wake the device from sleep with Bluetooth devices. These changes not only improve the usability of the device but also enhance the overall gaming experience.

For users who like to push their hardware to the limits, the latest update brings overclocking controls added to the BIOS for the Steam Deck LCD. Additionally, users can now set the SD card as the default boot device, providing more flexibility and customization options for tinkerers. These features cater to users looking to optimize their gaming experience on the Steam Deck.

The update also includes software improvements to the screen, such as improved display uniformity with Mura Compensation to mitigate the “Mura effect” in LCD displays. Furthermore, there are enhancements in display color balance at lower brightness levels, improving the overall visual experience while maximizing battery life. Desktop mode now offers thumbnail previews for videos in the file browser, and the Deck Dock introduces intriguing HDMI CEC features, including TV remote input, TV wake up, and TV input switching, enhancing the overall usability of the device.

Steam Deck owners opting into the preview channel can enjoy these extensive updates by activating it through the settings menu. The update brings a range of quality of life improvements, compatibility fixes for high refresh rate VRR displays, and a performance boost that enhances the overall gaming experience on the device. While the update is exclusive to Steam Deck owners for now, it represents a significant step towards improving the functionality and performance of the device.

Overall, the latest SteamOS preview update brings a host of exciting features and enhancements for Steam Deck owners to enjoy. From graphics driver updates to improved Bluetooth connectivity and display enhancements, the update aims to provide a more immersive gaming experience on the Steam Deck. With additional overclocking controls, boot device selection, and compatibility fixes, users have more customization options and flexibility to optimize their gaming setup. As Valve continues to prioritize performance and usability, Steam Deck owners can look forward to future updates that further enhance their gaming experience.


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