Twitter user pl_evil has recently shared insights from a letter to shareholders from Bloober Team, teasing the reveal of their upcoming game “Project C” later this year. Following the success of Layers Of Fear, the studio is gearing up for another original creation that has piqued the curiosity of many fans. While the studio has been busy with IP work for other projects, including a Silent Hill 2 remake set to release soon and a collaboration with Skybound Entertainment on a game codenamed “Project R”, the anticipation for Project C’s unveiling is palpable.

Given Skybound Entertainment’s affiliation with The Walking Dead franchise, it’s not far-fetched to imagine Project R following a similar narrative theme. As for Project C, many are eagerly awaiting its debut this summer, possibly at an event hosted by renowned industry figure Geoff. The hope is that Project C will stand on its own as a fresh and innovative concept, rather than being a direct sequel to previous titles like Observer or The Medium.

Bloober Team emerged as a prominent player in the horror genre following the release of Layers Of Fear in 2016. Their unique storytelling style, blending art with metaphorical elements, garnered them a dedicated fan base. Subsequent titles like Observer and The Medium continued to push boundaries with their exploration of reality and perception. Despite their focus on these thematic elements, each game managed to deliver a distinct experience, showcasing the studio’s versatility.

While Bloober Team’s original IP has consistently revolved around unconventional narratives and surreal themes, their foray into remakes with titles like Blair Witch and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 project demonstrates their commitment to honoring beloved classics. The studio’s promise to stay true to the essence of the original Silent Hill 2 game has generated significant interest among fans of the horror genre.

With Project C poised for a grand reveal in the coming months, all eyes are on Bloober Team to deliver another captivating experience. Whether they surprise audiences with a game-changing announcement or stay true to their established style, the anticipation surrounding their future projects continues to grow. As Silent Hill 2 remake and Project R loom on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting the evolution of Bloober Team’s storytelling prowess in the realm of horror gaming.


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