Although the 3DS eShop may have closed its digital doors, indie developers are still finding ways to show their support for Nintendo’s past-generation portable system. One such developer, William Kage, recently delighted fans by announcing a free DLC expansion for Fragrant Story. And now, in an exciting update, ‘Papaya’s Path’ is finally available for eager players.

This DLC expansion promises to enhance your gaming experience, offering an additional “about 6-10 hours” of gameplay (depending on your skill level). For completionists, it provides a whopping “20-30 hours” of content to fully explore and conquer. Alongside the extended gameplay, ‘Papaya’s Path’ also brings with it a range of exciting additions, leaving players with no shortage of new adventures to embark on.

Kage has made sure that ‘Papaya’s Path’ is truly a comprehensive package. The DLC is jam-packed with exciting features, including new story campaigns, professionally voiced cutscenes, challenging battles, fresh characters, enhanced abilities, upgraded gear, formidable enemies, and formidable bosses. Additionally, the expansion introduces new terrain elements and provides a world map that displays battlefield locations, enabling players to strategize their next move with precision.

The enriched experience extends beyond gameplay elements. Kage has expanded the game’s soundtrack, treating players to an even more immersive auditory journey. The DLC provides an expanded OST that perfectly complements the new content.

For collectors and enthusiasts, there’s great news too. In January 2024, a limited run of physical copies will hit the market, ensuring that Fragrant Story can be enjoyed long after the digital storefront’s closure. These physical copies will include the base game at Version 1.0, which players can update to gain access to the ‘Papaya’s Path’ expansion. Additionally, a physical strategy guide will be available on the same date, featuring exclusive artwork and further enriching the overall gaming experience.

As an additional treat, the standard edition physical box has received an upgrade. Each box now contains two full albums, available in both CD and digital download formats. These albums not only add value to the physical package but also offer players the chance to enjoy the game’s mesmerizing music at their leisure.

With ‘Papaya’s Path’ DLC expansion, developer William Kage has breathed new life into Fragrant Story, enthralling players with exciting new features and hours of additional gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned Fragrant Story enthusiast or new to the game, this DLC is certain to provide an immersive and captivating experience. Grab your 3DS, update your game, and prepare to embark on a fragrant adventure like no other.


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