In Dragon’s Dogma 2, reaching the Battahl region can be quite challenging due to the requirement of a Border Entry Permit. Depending on the outcome of the Arisen’s Shadow quest, players will receive either a Beastren version of the permit or a merchant one that is more flexible. If you wish to take the easier route to Battahl, there are specific steps you need to follow.

To obtain the Border Entry Permit through official channels, players must progress the main story with Captain Brant until they complete the Feast of Deception quest. Afterwards, speaking to him again in the Vernworth Tavern at night will determine the type of permit you receive based on your actions during the Arisen’s Shadow quest. If you are a Beastren, you are good to go with the Beastren Permit. However, if you are a human, you will need to purchase and equip a Beastren Mask from Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop in the North of the Checkpoint Rest Town to use the permit. If you have the Merchant’s Border Entry Permit, you are not required to do anything else. Take the Oxcart from the Northwest side of Vernworth to the Checkpoint Rest Town and present your permit to the guard at the huge gate.

For those seeking a more adventurous and challenging route to Battahl, there is a secret path that bypasses the official checkpoint. This path can be found on the banks of the river above the Checkpoint Rest Town. By following the river to the West, players will come across a tunnel hidden among some rocks. Climbing up the rocks inside the tunnel will lead to a risen path that winds its way to Battahl.

However, the secret path is not for the faint of heart. It is filled with powerful monsters including rock-covered Saurians, red wolves, a cyclops, minotaurs, zombies, and a formidable Chimera. Players must be well-prepared to face these challenges or choose to run past them. While the path is straightforward, players should expect intense battles along the way.

Reaching the Battahl region in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be achieved through either the official channels with the Border Entry Permit or by taking the perilous secret path. Each route offers a unique experience and challenges for players to overcome. Whether you prefer bureaucratic procedures or survivalist monster hunting, the Battahl region awaits your exploration and conquest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


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