In the world of RPGs, Baldur’s Gate 3 made headlines with its bizarre bear smooching scene that captured the attention of many gamers. The unique concept of engaging in intimate activities with a druid in the form of a grizzly bear created a buzz that spread like wildfire across the internet. This viral clip played a significant role in attracting players who were intrigued by the game’s unconventional and daring approach to storytelling.

During a talk at the Game Developers Conference, Baldur’s Gate 3’s performance director, Greg Lidstone, shed light on the background of the controversial bear-human intercourse scene. When questioned about the involvement of an intimacy coordinator in facilitating such explicit content, Lidstone revealed the thought process behind the decision. In an industry where sensitive and potentially uncomfortable topics are not uncommon, the presence of an intimacy coordinator served as a crucial element in ensuring the safety and comfort of the actors involved in those scenes.

Lidstone emphasized the importance of having someone to oversee and guide the actors through scenes that could be emotionally challenging or physically intimate. By collaborating with an intimacy coordinator like Enric Ortuno, the team behind Baldur’s Gate 3 aimed to establish a supportive environment where boundaries were respected, and the well-being of the performers was prioritized. The decision to incorporate an intimacy coordinator reflects a shift towards a more proactive and responsible approach to handling sensitive content in video games.

The discussion also touched upon the complexities of directing intimate scenes, highlighting the power dynamics at play between directors and actors. Lidstone acknowledged the need for clear communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative mindset to navigate through potentially uncomfortable situations. By entrusting the role of intimacy coordinator to someone capable and experienced, the team at Larian Studio demonstrated a commitment to creating a safe and professional working environment for everyone involved in the project.

The revelation of the behind-the-scenes process of Baldur’s Gate 3’s bear smooching scene offers a glimpse into the meticulous planning and attention to detail that goes into creating captivating and controversial moments in video games. By embracing the expertise of an intimacy coordinator, the development team prioritized the well-being and comfort of their actors, setting a precedent for a more conscientious and inclusive approach to storytelling in the gaming industry.


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