Stepping into the world of Half Sword is like staring into an abyss, where a mostly naked man emerges with a mattock, ready to do anything to claim a hat that you possess. The eerie atmosphere, devoid of dialogue, sets the stage for intense battles fueled by the desire for a simple piece of headgear.

In Half Sword, players are thrust into a world of unforgivably authentic physics and cursor-based attacks that transform every encounter into a chaotic spectacle. Weapons are swung by jolting the cursor or yanking the analog sticks, resulting in a flurry of erratic movements that make it challenging to land a clean blow.

The melee combat in Half Sword may seem clumsy and awkward, but it is undeniably hilarious. Players engage in absurdly inhuman battles where they must wrestle with their weapons to incapacitate their opponents. The lack of swift and merciful knockouts adds a touch of dark humor to the chaotic gameplay.

The full version of Half Sword promises an immersive experience of physically simulated medieval combat. Players will assume the role of a commoner-turned-knight, participating in brutal tournaments in 15th-century Europe. The meticulously crafted collection of historically accurate arms and armor, along with NPCs offering quests, add depth to the gameplay.

Despite its serious premise, Half Sword embraces the absurdity of its gameplay, offering moments reminiscent of games like Gang Beasts. Players find themselves in comical situations, such as dragging opponents towards dropped weapons or engaging in clumsy battles that end in unexpected ways.

While the demo of Half Sword provides a glimpse into the brutal world of medieval combat, players eagerly await an expanded version that delves deeper into the rags-to-riches theme. The promise of engaging in ignoble fights for possession of unique hats adds an element of unpredictability to the game’s future.

Half Sword offers a unique and entertaining take on physics-based melee combat, drawing players into a world filled with chaos and dark humor. While the demo sets the stage for intense battles, the full version promises to deliver a rich and immersive experience that explores the brutal world of medieval combat in greater detail. With its blend of historical accuracy and absurdity, Half Sword is poised to captivate players seeking a challenging and humorous gaming experience.


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