KeeperRL, initially launched in 2014, started as an ambitious project with alpha releases and a successful IndieGogo funding campaign. Originally set to be completed within the same year, the game took a different turn when it underwent the player-voted Steam Greenlight process. Despite its delays, KeeperRL has evolved significantly over the past ten years, with numerous updates leading to its recent milestone of hitting version 1.0.

Described as a “dungeon simulator with roguelike and RPG elements”, KeeperRL puts players in the shoes of an evil wizard. The game follows a familiar format where players build and manage their dungeons, commanding minions to expand underground, set traps, and defend against enemies. Additionally, players have the option to explore outside their dungeons to wreak havoc on the world or take on the role of an adventurer invading other players’ dungeons, all within turn-based tactical combat.

While KeeperRL draws inspiration from Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, it distinguishes itself through its intricate level of detail. With features like granular wounding, dynamic fire mechanics, and a diverse array of items, spells, attributes, and special attacks, the game offers a rich and immersive experience. Unlike Dwarf Fortress, KeeperRL does not delve into simulating the inner lives of its minions, focusing instead on strategic gameplay and tactical decision-making.

Despite reaching version 1.0, KeeperRL’s development journey is far from over. The game’s developer has outlined plans for continued support, including balance patches, bug fixes, and a forthcoming 1.1 update. This update is set to introduce additional content and gameplay elements that did not make it into the initial release, along with a new playable keeper faction. For fans of Dungeon Keeper, KeeperRL offers a modern take on the genre, complemented by ongoing support and enhancements.

In a landscape where indie games continue to push boundaries and innovate, KeeperRL stands out as a compelling blend of dungeon management, RPG mechanics, and strategic gameplay. With its recent milestone of hitting version 1.0, the game showcases a dedication to quality and content updates that bode well for its future. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Dungeon Keeper or a newcomer to the genre, KeeperRL offers an engaging experience that is worth exploring. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of evil wizardry and dungeon conquest, KeeperRL awaits with its intricate gameplay and immersive world.


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