Yacht Club Games recently provided an exciting update on their upcoming action-adventure game, ‘Mina the Hollower,’ during a broadcast focused on Shovel Knight and other projects. The game draws inspiration from classics like The Legend of Zelda, offering players a nostalgic 8-bit handheld-style adventure with a modern twist.

In ‘Mina the Hollower,’ players will take on the role of Mina, a whip-wielding Hollower and visionary inventor on a quest to restore power to Tenebrous Isle. The game promises smooth 60fps action combat, a world filled with mystery and horror, and classic top-down adventuring mechanics. Mina’s unique abilities, including Hollowing powers that allow her to burrow through the ground, add depth to the gameplay experience.

Development Progress

The game was initially revealed on Kickstarter in 2022, and Yacht Club Games has been providing regular updates since then. According to the latest trailer, the development team is nearing completion of the initial pass on all level content, with a focus on crafting the final, most treacherous level. Additional weapons, sidearms, and RPG elements have been integrated to enhance Mina’s arsenal and expand the game’s scope beyond its original vision.

While an official release date has not been confirmed, players can expect a grand gameplay reveal in the near future. The team at Yacht Club Games is dedicated to delivering a game that combines fun and fear, with a promise of exciting updates as ‘Mina the Hollower’ continues to evolve.

‘Mina the Hollower’ stands as a promising addition to Yacht Club Games’ roster, offering a fresh take on the action-adventure genre with its unique gameplay mechanics and mysterious world. As players eagerly await the official release, anticipation builds for the grand unveiling of gameplay footage and additional details on this intriguing new title. Keep an eye out for more updates on ‘Mina the Hollower’ as Yacht Club Games brings the game to life with a blend of horror and delight.


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