The Guardian critic, Rick Lane, delivered a scathing review of Alone in the Dark (2024), pointing out the game’s poor writing and buggy combat. He described the remake as dull and uninteresting, lacking the finesse seen in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. Lane found the puzzles in the game mildly diverting but ultimately deemed Alone in the Dark deeply tedious. In addition, Lane criticized the performances of Jodie Comer and David Harbour, noting that their delivery of dialogue felt “tonally off”.

On the other end of the spectrum, Press Start Australia’s critic, James Berich, had a more positive view of Alone in the Dark. Berich found the game “uniquely charming” with interesting twists on the original formula. While acknowledging issues with combat and enemy variety, Berich still enjoyed the experience overall. He mentioned playing through the game multiple times, despite never feeling a sense of fear or terror.

Mark Delaney from GameSpot was critical of Alone in the Dark, stating that the game failed to do justice to its source material. Delaney highlighted the shoddiness of combat as a major flaw, criticizing the AI behavior and likening melee combat to a “directionless flail”. While he appreciated some puzzle segments and exploration, Delaney ultimately found the game to be “ceaselessly unenjoyable” in its worst parts.

Eurogamer’s critic, Vikki Blake, echoed the criticism of the game’s combat system, labeling it as janky and unpolished. Blake expressed mixed feelings about the overall experience, acknowledging both appealing and off-putting aspects of Alone in the Dark. While she found some elements to be forgettable and mediocre, she recognized the reimagined storytelling as a saving grace for the game.

PC Gamer’s Perspective

In contrast, PC Gamer’s Alexander Chatziioannou had a more positive take on Alone in the Dark. Chatziioannou praised the atmosphere, callbacks to the original game, and compelling twists in the horror story. He commended the dialogue, performances, and writing in the game, appreciating the chemistry between David Harbour and Jodie Comer. Chatziioannou described Alone in the Dark as a “resounding success” with a fondness for the series shining through.

Alone in the Dark (2024) has garnered a wide range of responses from critics, with opinions ranging from scathing critiques to glowing reviews. While some have criticized the game for its poor combat and lackluster performance, others have found charm in its unique storytelling and atmosphere. Ultimately, the reception of Alone in the Dark appears to be polarizing, with varying perspectives on its merits and shortcomings.


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