Nintendo has recently given fans a sneak peek at the new badge system featured in the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder game set to launch next month. In case you missed it during the Mario Wonder Direct, badges can be collected throughout the game to unlock a variety of exciting new powers. These powers, however, may not always provide a 100% advantage to the player, as demonstrated by Nintendo’s latest social media post highlighting the invisibility badge.

The invisibility badge, showcased in the post, grants players the ability to become invisible to enemies. This can prove advantageous while navigating through treacherous levels. However, there is a significant tradeoff – when equipped with this badge, players will not be able to see themselves on the screen. Suddenly, platforming becomes a challenging endeavor, demanding increased focus and precision. By introducing this double-edged power, Nintendo adds an element of difficulty and a fresh twist to the traditional gaming experience.

The World of Badges

The badge system in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is divided into different groups, each offering unique abilities to aid players in their adventure. Two of the revealed badge categories include the “action badge” and the “boost badge.” Only one badge can be equipped per course, providing a strategic element as players must carefully choose which power to utilize in each level.

Among the badges unveiled by Nintendo, the Parachute Cap badge was showcased, granting Mario the ability to perform a floating high jump. This power opens up new possibilities for exploration and reaching otherwise inaccessible areas within the game. Additionally, the coin reward badge offers players the opportunity to collect extra coins as they progress through levels, providing an additional incentive to complete challenges and thoroughly explore each course.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, players can acquire badges through various means. Clearing special “badge challenges” scattered throughout the game rewards players with new badges. There is also the option to purchase badges from the Poplin Shop, located on the main map, using the flower coins collected during gameplay. These various avenues for badge acquisition not only enhance the game’s replay value but also add a sense of accomplishment as players work towards unlocking new powers.

The introduction of the badge system in Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings fresh excitement and strategic elements to the beloved franchise. By providing players with a diverse range of powers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, Nintendo aims to create a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. With badges up for grabs through challenges and in-game purchases, players have even more reasons to embark on thrilling adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Get ready to unleash your inner gamer and delve into the exciting world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


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