The upcoming Diablo 4 season 5 is set to take players back down to hell with a whole host of exciting updates and changes. One of the main attractions in this new season is the introduction of a new questline that promises enemies being cut-down, alliances shifting, and unlikely friends emerging from the shadows. This questline will take place directly after the main quest events and will be available in both the seasonal and Eternal realms. Even after season 5 ends, the questline will remain active in the Eternal realm.

To access this new questline, players will need to head to Hawezar in World Tier 3 to investigate a mysterious disturbance. Upon completion of this questline, players will gain access to the Infernal Hordes, a new endgame activity that resembles Nightmare Dungeons but set in Hell. In the Infernal Hordes, players will face seemingly endless and increasingly difficult 90-second waves of Hellspawn while collecting Burning Aether to unlock new gear, provided they survive.

Players can access the Infernal Hordes by using a Compass that grants entry to Hell. These Compasses come in eight different tiers that scale in difficulty and World Tier. The higher the tier of the compass, the more challenging the waves will be, offering more powerful rewards. Players can upgrade Compasses while progressing through the Infernal Hordes using Abyssal Scrolls as a new consumable.

Upon surviving all waves of the Infernal Hordes, players will face off against the Fell Council, a group of once-good guys from Diablo 2 who are now considered bad. Players will battle a randomized selection of three out of the five council members, each with unique abilities. After defeating them, players can spend their Burning Aether on one of four different Spoils of Hell: Spoils of Equipment, Spoils of Material, Spoils of Gold, and Spoils of Greater Equipment, which guarantees an item with a Greater Affix.

In addition to the new questline and endgame activity, Diablo 4 season 5 also brings a whopping 50 new Legendaries and Uniques to the game. The PTR for this season also includes a laundry list of balancing changes for every class to ensure fair gameplay. One significant update is the ability to re-summon bosses without having to reset the entire dungeon. After defeating a boss, a summoning Altar will appear, allowing players to replay the boss by spending additional resources.

Overall, Diablo 4 season 5 is shaping up to be an exciting and challenging gameplay experience for both new and seasoned players. With the introduction of new features like the questline, Infernal Hordes endgame activity, and various updates and additions, players can look forward to diving back into the depths of hell and facing off against new challenges and foes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all that season 5 has to offer in Diablo 4.


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