A dedicated player known as ‘ThePengu’ on Reddit has taken the initiative to come up with a new concept for Helldivers 2. After receiving positive feedback for their Assault mode design, ThePengu has now shifted their focus to an underground-based mission. The proposed mission involves two Helldivers carrying a payload into a Terminid nest to a specific detonation point, while being defended by their fellow troopers.

One of the key elements of this underground mission is the limitation imposed on the players carrying the payload. They are restricted to using only a sidearm, a gameplay mechanic that has been previously seen in Helldivers 2. Alternatively, one player could carry the payload without being able to use any weapons at all. This limitation adds a layer of strategy and teamwork, as players must rely on each other to successfully complete the mission.

Adapting to the Underground Environment

In this underground mission, traditional orbital Stratagems like Supply Drops and Orbital Strikes are rendered ineffective. This forces players to adapt their strategies and focus on their team composition to overcome the challenges presented in the underground environment. The narrow cavern where the mission takes place allows for all four players to move together, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated approach.

Strategic Detonation and Extraction

Upon reaching the detonation point, the Helldivers have a limited two-minute window to evacuate and extract from the underground location. However, the escape is not mandatory for the mission’s success, adding an element of risk versus reward for the players. This strategic decision-making further enhances the gameplay experience and encourages players to work together towards a common goal.

The concept of underground missions in Helldivers 2 was initially considered by the developers but ultimately abandoned due to the technical challenges involved. However, ThePengu’s innovative design may offer a practical solution by incorporating both above ground and underground elements in the mission. This hybrid approach allows for a unique gameplay experience while minimizing the technical complexities that previously hindered underground maps.

ThePengu’s concept for an underground mission in Helldivers 2 presents an interesting twist on the traditional gameplay mechanics. By introducing new challenges, limitations, and strategic decisions, this concept has the potential to enhance the overall player experience and provide a fresh perspective on mission design in the game.


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