If you’ve been yearning for a breath of fresh air in the world of survival games, look no further. Covenant.dev, the developers behind Gord, have just announced their latest project called To The Star. This upcoming game promises to be a “whimsical” survival adventure that draws heavy inspiration from the beloved story of Alice In Wonderland. One of the key features that truly sets To The Star apart is its innovative cooking system, where players can combine monster parts with “suppressed emotions” to create both consumable foodstuffs and weapons.

In most survival games, crafting and creating essential items is often a repetitive and mundane task. However, To The Star takes a different approach. Players will have the opportunity to mix their own emotions with various ingredients to concoct bizarre dishes. From snail slime and snake meat to suppressed emotions and lost dreams, the range of possible combinations is truly fascinating. Once created, these dishes can either be consumed for personal nourishment or thrown at enemies to give them a taste of your feelings. The cooking system in To The Star adds a unique twist to the genre and offers a refreshing change from the realism-focused mechanics seen in most survival games.

To The Star encourages players to unleash their creativity by allowing them to experiment with different combinations of materials. By utilizing the proper crafting equipment, players can create and save their own recipes for dishes, weapons, and gear. This opens up a world of possibilities, where players can discover the perfect blend of ingredients to suit their playstyle and preferences.

Beyond the cooking system, To The Star also boasts a “robust” base-building element. However, this is no ordinary base building system. Instead, players have access to a “briefbase,” which acts as a portable portal to a private dimension. Here, players can unleash their creativity and build their own houses. This dimension offers a level of security, protecting players from potential invasions and ensuring their creations remain safe. The introduction of the briefbase in To The Star adds an intriguing twist to the traditional base-building mechanics seen in other survival games.

Community Feedback and Co-op Experience

Covenant.dev emphasizes the importance of community feedback in shaping the development of To The Star. By involving the players in the process, the developers aim to create a game that truly resonates with its audience. Additionally, To The Star features co-op multiplayer for up to four players, allowing friends to embark on this whimsical survival adventure together. The inclusion of comprehensive mod support further highlights the developer’s commitment to enhancing the game based on community preferences and desires.

While Covenant.dev’s previous game, Gord, received mixed reviews, To The Star seems to be a promising journey into a uniquely fantastical survival adventure. The combination of a whimsical setting, an innovative cooking system, and the freedom to build your own private dimension creates an enticing experience for players. To The Star breaks away from the traditional tropes of the survival genre and offers a fresh take on gameplay mechanics. Although there is no official release date yet, fans of survival games and Alice In Wonderland enthusiasts alike can look forward to diving headfirst into this captivating and unconventional world.


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