The highly anticipated next expansion for Final Fantasy 14, titled Dawntrail, is set to launch in early access on June 28th, followed by a full release on July 2nd. The announcement was made by Producer Yoshi P at PAX East, where he also acknowledged the proximity of Dawntrail’s release date to another RPG expansion: Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree, releasing on June 21st.

Consideration for Elden Ring DLC

During the announcement, Yoshi-P revealed that the development team initially wanted to release Dawntrail a week earlier. However, they decided to give players time to enjoy Elden Ring DLC before diving into the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion. “We figured everyone would be interested in playing the Elden Ring DLC,” Yoshi-P mentioned through a translator. “I’ll give you one week to enjoy the Elden Ring DLC and then just go into your summer vacation into Dawntrail.”

Yoshi-P’s willingness to acknowledge and appreciate other games, such as Blizzard’s Diablo, showcases a positive attitude towards the gaming industry as a whole. Despite his own excitement for the upcoming expansions, Yoshi-P humorously clarified that the decision to delay Dawntrail was not solely based on his desire to play Elden Ring DLC first. This camaraderie among game developers and their acknowledgment of each other’s work fosters a sense of community within the gaming world.

While I may not be well-versed in the intricate lore of Final Fantasy 14 or the franchise in general, the transparency and open communication exhibited by Yoshi-P during the announcement are commendable. It is refreshing to see a game developer openly embrace their excitement for other games and express their admiration for fellow creators in the industry. This sort of humility and recognition of the broader gaming landscape bodes well for the future of gaming collaborations and innovations.

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion brings with it not only new adventures and content for players to explore but also a demonstration of sportsmanship and camaraderie within the gaming community. Yoshi-P’s announcement serves as a reminder that despite competitive market dynamics, there is room for appreciation and mutual respect among game developers. As we eagerly anticipate the launch of Dawntrail, let us also celebrate the spirit of camaraderie that continues to thrive in the gaming world.


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