In the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, finding and catching Piko the chocobo is a challenging yet rewarding task. To embark on this quest, players must first reach Bill’s Ranch in the game. Once there, they will receive the main scenario quest ‘Chocobo Wrangling’, which will set them on the path to acquiring their very own chocobo companion. However, the process of locating Piko is not as straightforward as it may seem.

The first step in the journey to find Piko is to search for chocobo tracks in the Grasslands. These tracks can be found just outside the entrance of Bill’s Ranch, to the left. Initially, these footprints may be difficult to spot, but the presence of distinct yellow feathers can serve as a helpful clue. By following these tracks, players will be led down a path to the right, which eventually leads to the location where Piko has escaped to.

Chocobo Mini-Game

Once players have located Piko, the next challenge is to catch the elusive chocobo. This task involves completing a mini-game that requires players to sneak up on Piko without being detected. With Piko’s packmates patrolling the area, players must utilize the tall grass for cover and carefully time their movements to avoid being spotted.

As players make their way towards Piko, they will encounter obstacles in the form of other chocobos in the vicinity. To navigate past these packmates successfully, players must wait for the right moment to move, using the grass to conceal their movements. Timing is crucial, as being spotted by the chocobos can result in failure.

Once players have managed to sneak past all the obstacles and reach Piko, they will need to approach the chocobo carefully. By throwing rocks in strategic directions to distract Piko, players can create an opportunity to move closer to the chocobo without being noticed. With precision and patience, players can eventually wrangle Piko and claim him as their own chocobo companion.

The process of finding and catching Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a test of patience, strategy, and skill. By following the trail, mastering the art of stealth, and securing Piko with precision, players can achieve success in this challenging quest. Piko the chocobo is not just a game character but also a valuable companion that can aid players on their adventures in the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.


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