Fortnite Festival is shaking things up with Season 4 by bringing in heavy metal legends Metallica. This season promises a whole new vibe with the launch of Metallica-themed outfits, instruments, and songs. Say goodbye to pop artists, and get ready to headbang your way through the festival.

For those willing to invest in the premium track of the Festival Pass, you’ll be rewarded with not just one, but four Metallica member outfits. From Lars Ulrich to James Hetfield, you can unlock each band member as you progress through challenges. The premium pass also includes Metallica’s hit song “One,” adding a thrilling challenge to the game.

If you opt for the free track, you won’t miss out completely. The free pass still offers the new Slurp Blaster guitar, as well as new songs like S.O.M.P., The Night Porter (Winnage), and Dreamer. Plus, you can grab the Dark Flame Aura and Roundhouse emote to amp up your festival look.

Fortnite Festival is introducing a new competitive PvP mode where 16 players battle it out to be the last rockstar standing. With a unique four-song setlist and Overdrive multiplier feature, players can strategically attack their rivals to gain an advantage. The addition of skill-based matchmaking ensures a fair playing field for all.

Don’t forget to check out the Item Shop for alternative versions of Metallica outfits and more Metallica songs like “Enter Sandman,” “Fuel,” and “Master of Puppets.” Jam Tracks can now be equipped as Lobby Tracks, allowing you to customize your music experience while waiting between rounds.

On top of all the Metallica madness, Fortnite Festival Season 4 comes with quality-of-life fixes, Support-A-Creator changes, and gameplay tunings. Keep an eye on the official blog for more details on these updates and enhancements.

Overall, Fortnite Festival Season 4 is promising an electrifying experience for fans of Metallica and new players alike. Get ready to rock out, challenge your friends, and dominate the festival like never before.


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