The world of futuristic robot shooters is about to get a little brighter with the upcoming release of ArcRunner. Developed by TrickJump Games and published by PQube, this roguelite action game is set to bring some intense neon cyberpunk action to the Nintendo Switch on April 18th. In ArcRunner, players will navigate the streets of ‘The Arc’ as a robot warrior on a mission to take down an evil AI. But where are all the nice AIs these days?

Select Your Class and Arm Yourself

In ArcRunner, players will have the opportunity to choose their class before heading out into the world to face waves of enemies. As you make your way through the cyberpunk cityscape, you’ll need to be strategic in your approach and adapt your tactics as you confront the relentless and ever-evolving robotic threat. Experiment with an array of cybernetic firearms and loot weapons along the way to enhance your chances of survival.

ArcRunner offers both solo and cooperative gameplay options. Players can embark on the mission alone or team up with up to two friends for a cooperative assault on the rogue AI. Coordinate your tactics seamlessly to navigate the challenges within ‘The Arc’ and emerge victorious. Whether you prefer to take on the cybernetic enemies alone or with a group, ArcRunner has you covered.

Prepare to explore stunning cyberpunk-inspired environments as you battle through multiple zones in ArcRunner. Each zone features uniquely generated levels, taking you from the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of The City to the luxurious Eden Heights. Immerse yourself in the neon-lit streets and cityscapes, and get ready for intense gunfights and adrenaline-pumping action at every turn.

To overcome the challenges in ArcRunner, players can select augmented upgrades between levels to fortify their capabilities. As you conquer each zone, be cautious of the potential loss of life, which results in the forfeiture of all your hard-earned augments. Plan your progression carefully and strategize your choices to maximize your chances of success in this high-stakes world.

Fight Mighty Rogue Bosses and Earn Nanites

ArcRunner doesn’t hold back when it comes to epic battles. Prepare to face off against formidable rogue bosses equipped with devastating weaponry and unique abilities. These towering foes will put your combat skills to the ultimate test. As you engage in tense battles and conquer each run, you’ll earn nanites that can be used to purchase powerful meta-progression upgrades in the cryo-chamber. Take advantage of these enhancements to become even more formidable in the face of adversity.

No futuristic robot shooter would be complete without an electrifying soundtrack to match the chaos. ArcRunner features a head-nodding, synthwave soundtrack that perfectly intensifies the thrill of battle. With each pulse-pounding beat, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you skillfully obliterate rogue machines and emerge victorious.

With its bright and frantic visuals, exciting gameplay mechanics, and immersive cyberpunk world, ArcRunner is shaping up to be an enticing addition to the Nintendo Switch lineup. As we eagerly await its release on April 18th, it’s worth wondering if there might be another roguelite game on the console to satisfy our cravings in the meantime. So, what do you think of ArcRunner so far? Does it look like it’s right up your street? Get ready to dive into the neon-lit world of ‘The Arc’ and prepare for an intense futuristic robot shooter experience like no other.


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