Lords of the Fallen, a grotty fantasy Soulslike game, has recently been released on Steam and is already facing significant backlash from players. Despite its initial success in terms of sales, the game has received mostly negative reviews on the platform. Currently ranked third on Steam’s global top seller charts by revenue, the user review consensus paints a different picture. With 1,320 reviews at the time of writing, it is clear that technical issues are plaguing the game’s launch.

The main complaints from players revolve around poor performance, including low frame-rates, stuttering, and frequent crashes. It appears that the game’s technical sturdiness, or lack thereof, aligns with the concerns raised by Ed in our review. He noted that even on low settings, the performance was subpar, with frequent frame drops. Throughout his time with the review build, he observed constant patching efforts from the developers at Hexworks.

In response to the technical difficulties, Hexworks has quickly compiled a guide to help players avoid some of the worst bugs. If you plan on venturing into the realms of Axiom and Umbral, it is recommended to follow these steps. First, utilize the “auto-set” option under the graphics tab. Second, update your graphics drivers to the latest version. Finally, follow these steps:
a. Go to: “X:UsersMYUSERAppDataLocalLOTF2Saved”
b. Delete the *.UPIPELINECACHE file
c. Right click on the game. Select ‘Properties’ – ‘Installed Files’ – Click on “Verify Integrity of Caché”

While these troubleshooting tips may alleviate some technical issues, it seems that they may not be the ultimate solution, judging by the feedback on the Steam forums. Nevertheless, patches are typically released to address such concerns, so players can hope for improvements in the future.

If the technical issues persist, players have the option to contact the support team at publisher CI Games via support@cigames.com. It is recommended to provide a diagnostics file and a GPU Debugging Log, along with information on the number of hours played and the steps that led to the encountered bug. To obtain a GPU debugging log, players can head to their Steam settings and enter the command “-gpucrashdebugging”. When the game crashes, they should navigate to the specified address in the file explorer and email the logs to CI Games. Additionally, the game offers a crash notification feature, enabling players to directly report any crashes to Lords of the Fallen’s bug database.

Beyond the technical challenges, Lords of the Fallen is regarded fairly positively as an RPG, though it may not reach the heights of the highly anticipated Elden Ring. In our Lords of the Fallen review, Ed highlighted moments of a grand adventure to cleanse a kingdom of rot.

While Lords of the Fallen may have experienced strong sales on Steam, the game’s launch has been marred by technical issues. The predominantly negative reviews reflect players’ dissatisfaction with the game’s performance, including low frame rates, stuttering, and crashes. However, the developers have provided some troubleshooting guidance, and players can also reach out to support for further assistance. Despite the technical woes, the game still offers moments of intrigue and adventure, garnering a mixed reception overall.


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