Rockstar Games has recently announced a new summer update for GTA Online, titled Bottom Dollar Bounties, which is set to launch very soon. One of the key features of this update is the introduction of Bounty Hunting, where players will partner with Maude Eccles to provide bail enforcement and capture high-value targets across Los Santos and Blaine County.

In this new business venture, players will have the opportunity to work on the right side of the law by assisting Maude Eccles and her daughter Jenette in tracking down errant individuals and claiming bounties. This will involve capturing and returning the targets to the office for delivery to justice.

While specific details about how GTA Online Bounty Hunting will function have not been fully revealed, we can draw some insights from previous encounters with bounty hunting missions in the game. For example, in a previous challenge to obtain the Stone Hatchet, players received a message from Maude with a rough location and a mugshot of the target. This information was used to locate and subdue the target, either by intimidation or force.

Aside from Bounty Hunting, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update will also introduce players to working with LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger to complete Dispatch Work and remove criminals from the streets using new Law Enforcement Vehicles. This collaboration promises to bring a new level of excitement and challenge to GTA Online gameplay.

It is likely that the new GTA Online Bounty Hunting business will follow a similar process to previous bounty hunting missions in the game. Players can anticipate receiving messages with target information, locating and apprehending the targets, and delivering them to the appropriate authorities for rewards. Bringing targets in alive may yield more substantial rewards than simply eliminating them.

The addition of Bounty Hunting to GTA Online through the Bottom Dollar Bounties update is poised to offer players a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Working alongside Maude Eccles and other law enforcement figures to capture high-value targets will provide a new level of challenge and excitement for players seeking to explore the criminal underworld of Los Santos and Blaine County. Stay tuned for further updates and information on how Bounty Hunting will work in GTA Online.


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