Helldivers 2’s ongoing Major Order to squash the mechanized Automatons on the western front has hit a snag as frequent crashes threaten to jeopardize the weekend’s operation. Players were sent to liberate the planets of Tibit, Maia, and Durgen, with the majority of Helldivers now focused on Durgen. Despite initial skepticism about their chances of success, Super Earth forces have managed to spread democracy to two of the planets, with one more left to capture. However, reports of frequent crashing over the weekend have disrupted the progress of the mission.

Community manager Twinbeard has acknowledged the issue and announced that a hotfix for the crashes is on its way. The information was shared on the game’s Discord and reposted to Reddit. Despite the fix not being available during the weekend, completion of the Major Order may prove to be more challenging than anticipated. Twinbeard has recommended that players “hang in there or perhaps let the game rest for a while.” He understands the frustration caused by the crashes but assures players that the game will be waiting, even if democracy needs to take a temporary backseat.

While Helldivers usually follow Super Earth’s orders without question, players are hesitant to comply in this instance. Some have expressed willingness to let the game rest for a while, but the urgency of the ongoing Major Order keeps them engaged. One Redditor suggested that the delay in fixing the crashes was a ploy by enemy forces to prevent Super Earth from liberating their last planet. Despite the setbacks, the call to arms persists, and players are determined to push forward to capture Durgen and secure victory for Super Earth.


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