Growing up as the oldest of four brothers, Nathan found a unique way to connect with his siblings through video games. Instead of simply playing together, they engaged in annual traditions of intense discussions and debates about their favorite games, game music, and even crowned a collective favorite game ever. This unconventional way of bonding allowed Nathan to observe how his analytical mind and love of data influenced his approach to gaming.

The annual tradition of engaging in gaming challenges started as a COVID lockdown activity, with Nathan stumbling upon a “30-Day Video Game Music Challenge.” Instead of just filling out the chart, Nathan delved deeper into the data, analyzing trends and looking for stories behind the answers. While his brothers participated in the challenge, it was clear that Nathan’s approach was different – he was more interested in dissecting and analyzing the data than simply enjoying the music selections.

Over the years, Nathan took the initiative to create his own gaming challenges, from a 30-day game name challenge to a “Best Game Ever” tournament bracket. These challenges required meticulous planning and organization, reflecting Nathan’s structured and analytical personality. Despite the amount of work involved in setting up and running the challenges, Nathan found as much enjoyment in the planning and number crunching as he did in actually playing the games.

Through the gaming challenges, Nathan discovered aspects of his personality that were reflected in his gaming habits. His love for organizing, analyzing, and hunting for the best options translated into his preference for tactical strategy games and his tendency to 100% every game he played. The challenges exposed how his mindset drove his behaviors and preferences when it came to gaming.

As Nathan delved deeper into how his personality influenced his gaming habits, he encouraged others to reflect on how their own personalities and passions are reflected in their approach to gaming. He quoted Socrates, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom,” highlighting the idea that self-awareness leads to a deeper understanding of one’s actions and preferences.

Nathan’s journey through annual gaming challenges revealed a lot about himself and how his personality influenced his gaming habits. His structured, analytical approach to gaming not only strengthened his bond with his siblings but also provided valuable insights into his own behavior. By reflecting on how personality traits affect gaming preferences, individuals can gain a better understanding of themselves and their relationship with gaming.


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