In the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the A Rift in Time expansion brings new challenges to overcome. One such obstacle is the presence of various copper rocks scattered throughout the landscape. To progress in the game, you’ll need to upgrade your tools. This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading your Royal Pickaxe and Royal Hourglass to clear the small and large copper rocks on Eternity Isle.

To start removing small copper rocks, you must first reach Jafar’s “The Flying Metal Nuisance” quest. This quest is encountered early on in the main story of A Rift in Time. As you progress through the questline, Jafar will upgrade your Royal Pickaxe, granting you the ability to mine the small copper rocks scattered across Eternity Isle.

To clear the larger copper rocks, you’ll need to upgrade your Royal Hourglass to level 1. This upgrade requires obtaining 5,000 Mist. Mist can be collected by engaging in timebending activities throughout the world.

Once you have enough Mist, locate a timebending table and select the option to upgrade your Royal Hourglass. This will unlock the ability to discover Ancient Cores while timebending. Ancient Cores are essential for crafting the Large Copper Pickaxe Potion.

With the Royal Hourglass at level 1, you can now craft the Large Copper Pickaxe Potion at the timebending table. Gather the following materials: Mist x3000, Ancient Core (Level 1) x1, and Copper x40. Combine these materials to create the potion.

Once crafted, the potion will automatically apply itself to your Royal Pickaxe. You can now use it to clear away the large copper rocks scattered across Eternity Isle.

Upgrading your tools is crucial for progressing in the A Rift in Time expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to enhance your Royal Pickaxe and Royal Hourglass, enabling you to mine both small and large copper rocks. With these obstacles out of your way, you can continue your adventure in this captivating world. For more guides and tips on Disney Dreamlight Valley, refer to our comprehensive guides hub.


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