Behaviour Interactive, the developer behind the popular game Dead By Daylight, recently announced plans to lay off up to 95 employees. This decision is part of several strategic structural changes within the company aimed at leveraging their historical strengths to create a more successful future. The company cited the need to adapt to the unprecedented growth and competition in the gaming industry as reasons for the layoffs.

The layoffs will affect Behaviour Interactive’s Montreal studio the most, with 70 employees losing their jobs. Despite this significant workforce reduction, the company reassured that the development of Dead By Daylight will continue unaffected. Co-founder and CEO Rémi Racine expressed his appreciation for the affected employees and emphasized the company’s commitment to success and excellence in their products and workplace culture.

Industry Trends

The gaming industry is currently experiencing a surge in layoffs, with many companies making tough decisions to remain competitive. Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios recently announced the closure of two studios, including its Montreal location, further highlighting the challenges faced by game developers in today’s market.

While the layoffs at Behaviour Interactive may be a setback for the affected employees, the company believes that these strategic changes are necessary to position themselves for continued success. By streamlining their corporate structure and focusing on key areas of their business, Behaviour Interactive aims to adapt to the evolving gaming landscape and emerge stronger in the long run.

The layoffs at Behaviour Interactive reflect the broader trends in the gaming industry, where companies are constantly evolving to stay competitive. While this may be a challenging time for the affected employees, the company’s decision to restructure is a necessary step towards ensuring their future success. As they navigate through these changes, Behaviour Interactive remains committed to maintaining excellence in their products and fostering a positive workplace culture.


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