ININ Games recently took to social media to announce the postponement of the release of Irem Collection Volume 2. The decision was made in order to ensure that the sequel collection is launched in a state that is flawless, unlike the first volume which encountered several issues upon release. The developer has acknowledged the shortcomings of Volume 1 and is working diligently to resolve them before moving forward with the release of Volume 2.

Volume 1 of the Irem Collection faced challenges such as achievements not unlocking and quality of life features not functioning as intended. ININ Games is committed to rectifying these issues and has a “Rapid Fire Patch” in the works to address them promptly. The developer aims to deliver a level of quality that meets the expectations of their customers, hence the decision to postpone the release of Volume 2 until these issues are resolved.

By prioritizing the quality of the product over meeting a strict release deadline, ININ Games demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction. The decision to delay Volume 2 showcases their commitment to delivering a polished and flawless gaming experience to their audience. The developer values the trust and patience of their customers and is striving to meet their expectations with every release.

ININ Games promises to keep the community updated on the progress of the Irem Collection Volume 2. While a new release date has not been finalized, the developer assures fans that more information will be shared once available. The transparent communication with the audience reflects a sense of accountability and responsibility on the part of the developer, building trust and loyalty among their customer base.

The decision to postpone the release of Irem Collection Volume 2 is a strategic move by ININ Games to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. By addressing the issues faced in Volume 1 and working on a solution before proceeding with the sequel, the developer demonstrates a commitment to excellence in game development. The transparency and communication with the community further reinforce the developer’s dedication to delivering a top-notch gaming experience. Fans can look forward to a polished and flawless release of Volume 2 in the near future, thanks to the efforts of ININ Games.


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