Instagram recently introduced a new safety control feature called “Limits.” This feature allows users to hide direct messages (DMs) and comments from accounts that may be harassing them. Unlike previous safety controls that only allowed users to hide content from recent followers or accounts that do not follow them, Limits now mute incoming messages from everyone except those on the user’s close friends list.

When a user enables Limits, they will only see DMs, tags, and mentions from individuals on their close friends list. Others not on the list can still interact with posts, but the user will not be notified of these interactions. Additionally, the accounts that have been limited will not know that their content has been hidden. Users also have the option to view or ignore the limited comments and DMs.

Enabling Limits

To enable Limits, users can tap on their profile, select the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen, and choose “Limited interactions.” From there, users can toggle on limits for accounts that are not following them, recent followers, or everyone except close friends. Limits can be set for up to four weeks at a time, with the option to extend the duration.

Instagram is also building on its restrict feature, which now allows users to prevent a specific account from tagging or mentioning them in addition to hiding their comments. These expanded features come at a time when Instagram is facing increased scrutiny from the US government over the safety of its young users.

Earlier this year, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, rolled out a new feature that prevents adults from messaging minors on both Instagram and Facebook by default. Additionally, the company took steps to hide content related to suicide and eating disorders from teenage users on its platforms.

Instagram’s introduction of the Limits feature is a positive step towards combating harassment and creating a safer online environment for its users. By giving individuals more control over the interactions they receive on the platform, Instagram is empowering users to protect themselves from unwanted messages and comments. These new safety controls, along with Meta’s recent updates, demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the well-being of all users, especially young individuals, on social media platforms.


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