The highly anticipated upcoming Alien film from director Fede Alvarez has finally received its official title, “Alien: Romulus”, according to a report by Deadline. This title has been used as a working title for some time, and now it has been confirmed as the official name for the film. This aligns perfectly with the long-standing tradition of the Alien franchise, which often incorporates religious and mythological references, adding a layer of depth to the storytelling.

It was Disney CEO Bob Iger who unveiled the official title during the company’s Q1 earnings call. The film is both written and directed by Fede Alvarez, an esteemed Uruguayan horror filmmaker renowned for his work on “Don’t Breathe” and the 2013 adaptation of “Evil Dead”. Alvarez’s unique vision and storytelling approach have made him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Interestingly, it was Alvarez who pitched the concept for “Alien: Romulus” to 20th Century, catching their attention and making it a top priority for production. Set in the time gap between the original 1979 “Alien” and its sequel “Aliens” released in 1986, the film explores a new chapter in the Alien universe. The official blurb for the film describes it as follows: “Young people from a distant world must face the most terrifying life form in the universe.”

“Alien: Romulus” boasts an impressive ensemble of talented actors. The film stars Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, Aileen Wu, Spike Fearn, David Jonsson, and Archie Renaux. Together, these actors bring their unique strengths and skills to the table, promising a captivating and memorable cinematic experience.

As the seventh installment in the main Alien franchise, “Alien: Romulus” holds the potential to expand upon the rich mythology and lore established by its predecessors. While it is unrelated to the Alien TV series currently being developed by Noah Hawley for FX, it carries the weight of the franchise’s legacy, keeping fans eagerly awaiting its release.

Originally planned for a release on Hulu, “Alien: Romulus” has undergone a change in distribution plans. Instead of a streaming release, the film is now scheduled for a theatrical release on August 16th. This decision showcases the studio’s confidence in the film and their desire to give audiences an immersive experience on the big screen.

It’s worth noting that the film’s release date may have faced delays due to the entertainment industry strikes that occurred the previous year. Nevertheless, fans can now mark their calendars and anticipate the arrival of “Alien: Romulus”, ready to be transported to the terrifying world inhabited by these extraterrestrial creatures.

“Alien: Romulus” is poised to be a thrilling addition to the Alien franchise, bearing the weight of its predecessors while providing an exciting new chapter in the saga. With Fede Alvarez at the helm and a talented cast bringing the story to life, fans can expect heart-pounding suspense, breathtaking visuals, and an exploration of the unknown that will keep them on the edge of their seats.


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