Bandai Namco has recently unveiled the final character to join the highly anticipated Tekken 8 launch roster. Reina, a brand-new character, bears several striking resemblances to the now-deceased series antagonist, Heihachi Mishima. Her grand reveal took place during a Tekken 8 exhibition match that featured past finalists from the annual Tekken 7 Evo Championship Series tournaments. With Reina’s inclusion, it is undeniable that Tekken 8 will dominate competitive tournament events starting in 2024.

Drawing from Heihachi’s legacy, Reina possesses the same formidable electrical power as the former Mishima patriarch. Her fighting style is reminiscent of hard-hitting karate-inspired moves, featuring an array of headbutts, stomps, and knockbacks. However, Reina’s combat repertoire does not end there. Tekken 8 director, Kohei Ikeda, explained in a detailed PlayStation Blog post that Reina also incorporates a second fighting style known as Taido, which originated from traditional karate in Okinawa. This unique blend of martial arts was developed in collaboration with Tetsuji Nakano, a four-time Taido World Champion.

Reina’s introduction into the Tekken universe indicates a deep and mysterious connection to the game’s ongoing narrative. The trailer showcases encounters with Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, leaving both father and son shocked and bewildered by her presence. Questions arise as to her true identity and relation to the Mishima family. Is she Kazuya’s long-lost little sister, Jin’s cousin, or perhaps Heihachi’s granddaughter twice removed? These unanswered questions only further intrigue fans, fueling speculation about Reina’s backstory and her role within the Tekken universe.

In the aforementioned PlayStation Blog post, director Kohei Ikeda portrays Reina as a character with a “charismatic sense of evil.” Notably, she embodies a sense of duality, effortlessly transitioning between powerful Mishima techniques and acrobatic Taido maneuvers. Reina exudes confidence and carries herself with style, making her a force to be reckoned with on the Tekken 8 battlefield.

Reina’s captivating character design was brought to fruition by Mariko Shimazaki, who previously crafted the looks of Kazumi and Josie in Tekken 7. Shimazaki’s artistic prowess shines through in Reina’s appearance, capturing her enigmatic aura and unique blend of martial arts styles.

The introduction of Reina in Tekken 8 has sparked excitement and speculation among fans of the franchise. With her powerful Mishima moves and acrobatic Taido techniques, Reina promises to be a formidable addition to the already impressive roster. As the game’s release draws closer, players eagerly anticipate uncovering Reina’s true identity and unraveling her role within the allure of the Tekken universe. Prepare for an electrifying battle as Tekken 8 sets the stage for a new era of fighting games.


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