Astrohaus, the innovative technology company, is set to release its latest product, the Freewright Alpha, in mid-January. Priced at $349, the Alpha is the most affordable option in Astrohaus’ Freewright lineup. Available now for pre-order on their official website, this digital typewriter offers a range of features designed to enhance the writing experience.

The Freewrite Alpha, similar to its predecessors, is free from distractions commonly found in modern tech devices. With no web browsers or email notifications, writers can fully concentrate on their work. This focused environment allows for increased productivity and creativity, enabling users to produce high-quality content without interruption.

One notable change from previous models is the Alpha’s shift from an E Ink display to a reflective monochromatic LCD screen. This modification helps to reduce costs without compromising readability. Despite featuring only one screen, the Alpha maintains its Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing wireless synchronization of documents with popular software services like Google Drive and Dropbox. This feature ensures that your work is easily accessible and shareable, even on the go.

Astrohaus has listened to user feedback and made significant improvements to the Freewrite Alpha. The device now includes mechanical switches, specifically the Kailh Choc V2 low-profile switches, which are slimmer than those found in the original model. These switches offer a satisfying typing experience while maintaining a compact design.

In addition to the mechanical switches, the Alpha introduces a cursor movement capability previously seen only in the Freewrite Traveler. Users can now navigate through their documents with ease, enhancing the overall writing process. These enhancements exemplify Astrohaus’ commitment to continually improving their products based on customer needs and preferences.

The Freewrite Alpha boasts an impressive 100-hour battery life, making it ideal for long writing sessions or when working remotely without easy access to a power source. Furthermore, the device supports USB-C, ensuring convenient charging and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Astrohaus’ Indiegogo campaign, launched in 2022, successfully raised $446,742 to fund the production and development of the Freewrite Alpha. As a result, early backers were rewarded with an $80 discount on their purchase. This significant crowdfunding accomplishment reflects the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Alpha’s release.

With the launch of the Freewright Alpha, Astrohaus continues to revolutionize the way we write. Combining affordability with enhanced features, this device provides a distraction-free environment, improved functionality, and convenient connectivity options. Whether you are a professional writer or an aspiring novelist, the Freewrite Alpha promises to be a valuable tool, enabling you to unleash your creativity and produce your best work. Pre-order yours now to be among the first to experience the future of writing.


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