Players of Helldivers 2 have recently been buzzing about the possibility of a new unfriendly faction making its way into the game. Speculations about The Illuminate, a major enemy faction from the first game, have been circulating among the community. Some players claim to have witnessed mysterious blue beams in the game, hinting at the possible return of The Illuminate.

Footage and testimonies found on the game’s main subreddit have fueled the speculations further. Some players allege that the blue beams have been targeting and even killing cadets in the game. However, there are conflicting reports as well, with some Helldivers suggesting that the beams might actually be aimed at enemy bugs, potentially indicating a different gameplay mechanic.

A Blast from the Past

In the original Helldivers game, The Illuminate faction was known for their psychic teleportation abilities and unsettling tentacled faces. The leaders of The Illuminate even wore celestial robes to enhance their religious zealotry, drawing parallels to the Covenant in the Halo series. Despite their formidable presence in the first game, The Illuminate was supposedly eradicated and were not expected to return in the sequel.

Developer Arrowhead Studios and its CEO Johan Pilestedt have taken a firm stance in response to the rumors of The Illuminate’s return. The Ministry of Truth, as some players have sarcastically referred to it, has dismissed the claims as anti-democratic lies. In an effort to suppress the speculations, the developer reviewed the alleged footage to debunk any notions of The Illuminate making a comeback.

As the debate rages on within the Helldivers 2 community, one thing is clear – the presence of mysterious blue beams has sparked a wave of excitement and uncertainty among players. Whether The Illuminate is truly making a resurgence or if it’s just a cleverly orchestrated hoax remains to be seen. Until an official statement is released by Arrowhead Studios, Helldivers will continue to be on high alert, watching the skies for any signs of the enigmatic faction’s return.


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