Jump King is a challenging platformer game where players must guide a king to the top of a tower using his jump ability. One wrong move can send you tumbling back to the beginning, making it a frustrating yet addictive experience.

Recently, Jump King has introduced Steam Workshop support, allowing players to access a variety of user-created content such as levels, skins, and mods. This update opens up a world of possibilities for players to customize their gaming experience.

Jump King Worldsmith

With the release of Jump King Worldsmith, players now have access to an editor, manager, and compiler for creating and editing levels within the game. This tool allows for seamless testing of levels as changes are made and makes it easy to share creations on the Workshop.

Enhanced Modding Opportunities

Previously, it was possible for players to create mods for Jump King, but with the latest update, the game has been updated to allow for more extensive modifications. Players can now modify the behavior of the player character, add custom blocks and entities, and access documentation to guide them through the process.

Jump King Worldsmith is currently in beta but can be accessed through the Tools section of your Steam library if you own Jump King. This new feature opens up a world of creativity for players looking to take their gaming experience to the next level.

Warning for Existing Mods

It’s important to note that with the introduction of new modding capabilities, some existing mods may no longer be compatible. Fortunately, the game provides instructions on how to revert to previous versions if needed.

Jump King’s new support for Steam Workshop and the introduction of Jump King Worldsmith offer exciting opportunities for players to customize their gameplay and push the boundaries of creativity. With these new tools at their disposal, players can look forward to a whole new level of challenge and innovation in the world of Jump King.


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