Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Them recently achieved her long-standing goal of assisting 5,000 Xbox players in defeating the final bosses of FromSoftware’s RPG epic, Radagon and the Elden Beast. Inspired by the accomplishments of community legend Let Me Solo Her, Solo Them has become an iconic figure in her own right, continuing to fight the good fight. In a recent interview, she reflects on her journey and the impact she has had on others.

Let Me Solo Them admits that she wasn’t initially highly skilled when she first began playing the game, often relying on summons to aid her in reaching the finish line. However, on her second playthrough, she decided to challenge herself and attempt a no-hit run against the bosses. This meant facing each boss repeatedly until she could defeat them without taking a single hit. Radagon proved to be the most challenging boss in this regard. Despite the difficulties, she grew to love the fight and decided to continue battling him as a summon for other players.

Inspiration From a Legend

Let Me Solo Her served as a major inspiration for Let Me Solo Them, igniting her passion for helping others. Witnessing the number of players he had assisted motivated her to continue fighting as a summon. She adopted the recognizable jar-headed warrior appearance and set a goal of aiding 1,000 players in completing the game. However, the joy she experienced and the gratitude expressed by those she assisted compelled her to keep going and help as many people as possible.

Forging Connections

Let Me Solo Them has even had the opportunity to speak with Let Me Solo Her, who commended her dedication and expressed gratitude for her contributions to the community. This interaction with the original Jarnished player further fueled her drive to continue her mission.

A True Commitment

In addition to assisting 5,000 players in defeating Radagon and the Elden Beast, Let Me Solo Them has extended her help to individuals struggling with other bosses and has accompanied some Tarnished players throughout the entire game. With two characters reaching the game’s 999.59-hour cap, she estimates that she has dedicated a minimum of 2,000 hours to Elden Ring. Her love for the game has never waned, as she continues to find it just as enjoyable as when she began.

Let Me Solo Them’s approach to fighting Radagon has evolved over time as she has become more comfortable with the encounter. Initially relying on a Haligtree Great Shield and the Blasphemous Blade, she eventually switched to using the twinblade once she became better and more confident in the fight. Her continuous practice has allowed her to discover new techniques, such as the ability to jump out of Radagon’s grab attack with precise timing. Each battle has become progressively easier and more nuanced through her dedication.

Memorable Moments

Out of the 5,000 kills she has achieved, it is the sessions that deviate “from the norm” that stand out the most to Let Me Solo Them. Having completed the fight numerous times, she has observed amusing behaviors from other players, such as players lying down throughout the entire battle or expressing extreme excitement through in-game chat. The most memorable moments for her, however, are when players reach out to express their gratitude. One such instance involved a gentleman who had undergone thumb surgery just before reaching the final boss. Let Me Solo Them’s assistance allowed him to experience the game’s ending, leaving a lasting impact on both of them.

Looking Towards the Future

With the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, Let Me Solo Them maintains her commitment to her Jarnished journey and assisting others with the new challenges that lie ahead. She eagerly anticipates the chance to engage in challenging and enjoyable battles. In the meantime, she is considering creating video guides to aid others in completing Elden Ring’s dynamic duo bosses. Furthermore, she plans to explore other Soulslike games for a change of pace, having already played through the entire Souls franchise as well as Sekiro.

Let Me Solo Them’s story is one of determination, inspiration, and a genuine desire to help others. Her countless hours of gameplay and commitment to lending a helping hand have left an indelible mark on the Elden Ring community. As her journey continues, Let Me Solo Them serves as a beacon of encouragement, inspiring others to overcome challenges and provide assistance to those in need.


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