LocalThunk’s popular game, Balatro, has recently faced issues with being temporarily removed from certain digital storefronts due to concerns regarding its content. Despite the fact that the game does not promote gambling, global ratings boards have misinterpreted it and categorized it as inappropriate for certain age groups. This misunderstanding has led to restrictions being placed on the game, limiting its audience unnecessarily.

In response to the controversy surrounding Balatro’s age rating, the game’s publisher, Playstack, took to Twitter to clarify the situation. They highlighted the fact that the game was mistakenly reclassified from a 3+ rating to an 18+ rating by a ratings board without any prior notice. Playstack emphasized that Balatro does not feature any gambling elements and is actually developed by someone who is against gambling. Despite this, the ratings board made an erroneous decision based on false assumptions about the game’s content.

Playstack revealed that Balatro had previously undergone a thorough review by the ratings board in October 2023, where it was originally given an 18+ rating. However, after an appeal process, the rating was downgraded to 3+ as the board acknowledged that the game did not contain any gambling themes. Despite this successful appeal, the game was once again classified as 18+, causing confusion among players and impacting its availability on digital storefronts.

Currently, Playstack is actively addressing the rating discrepancy and working towards finding a solution that will allow Balatro to return to the affected storefronts. They are considering implementing a temporary 18+ rating for the game until the issue is fully resolved. Players who already own Balatro will still be able to access and enjoy the game, regardless of its status on digital platforms. Playstack advises patience for those looking to purchase the game from impacted storefronts as they work to resolve the availability problem.

The situation surrounding Balatro’s temporary removal from digital storefronts highlights the challenges faced by game developers in navigating the complex and sometimes inconsistent world of age ratings and content restrictions. Playstack’s efforts to address this issue and ensure the game’s accessibility demonstrate their commitment to delivering a gaming experience that is both enjoyable and appropriate for all players.


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