Leveling up weapons in The First Descendant is a crucial aspect of the gameplay, but it can be quite complex and confusing for beginners. The process involves using the repair station workbench, Anais in Albion, Phase Exchangers, and an enhancement material to level up your guns. Unlike some games with a simple level up button, The First Descendant requires a bit more strategy and planning to effectively upgrade your weapons.

To begin the weapon leveling process, you will need to access the repair station workbench. This can be found in Albion, marked on the map for easy navigation. Additionally, you can also locate workbenches at outposts when you teleport to other areas. At the workbench, you will see the option for ‘Weapon Level Transmission’, which is the key to leveling up your guns effectively.

Required Materials

In order to level up your weapons, you will need three main things: a gun you want to level up, a higher level gun that you are willing to sacrifice, and Phase Exchangers. The process involves feeding your target weapon a higher level gun to boost its stats. You can select the target weapon and choose from higher level guns to sacrifice for the leveling up process. By selecting different options, you can see the effects they will have on the chosen weapon and pick the best combination for your needs.

One of the essential materials for weapon leveling in The First Descendant is Phase Exchangers. These function as currency to pay for the leveling up process. To acquire Phase Exchangers, you will need to visit Anais in Albion and ‘research’ them, which essentially means crafting the Phase Exchangers. The main material required for crafting Phase Exchangers is Superalloy, which can be obtained by scrapping guns. This creates an efficiency loop where you need to scrap low-level guns to get the materials necessary to level up high-level guns.

Crafting a Phase Exchanger requires 50 Superalloy and 2500 gold, and takes two and a half minutes to complete. If you are in a hurry, you can pay 1 First Descendant Caliber to instantly craft the Phase Exchanger. Additionally, there are options to craft Phase Exchangers in batches of four and 16, but this will cost more and take longer to complete. It’s important to note that there are different types of Phase Exchangers – basic ones upgrade common and rare weapons, while Precision Phase Exchangers upgrade Ultimate Weapons.

Mastering the art of weapon leveling in The First Descendant requires a deep understanding of the process and a strategic approach to leveling up your guns effectively. By utilizing the repair station workbench, acquiring the necessary materials like Phase Exchangers, and carefully selecting the right weapons to sacrifice, you can keep your favorite gun at the max level for you. Remember to plan ahead and choose wisely to optimize your weapon leveling experience in the game.


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