Fortnite’s Magneto Power is a game-changing weapon that can provide you with a significant advantage in battles. While it may be challenging to track down, there is a guaranteed way to obtain it quickly. One option is to rely on random drops from looting around the island or searching chests, but the surefire method involves heading to the Brawler’s Battleground in the southeast corner of the map.

Upon arriving at the Brawler’s Battleground, look for the Wastelander Magneto NPC, easily identifiable by the speech bubble icon on both the minimap and main gameplay view. Interacting with this character will allow you to purchase the Magneto Power for 400 bars. However, keep in mind that there is only one of these items in stock per match, so competition can be fierce. To increase your chances of obtaining the Magneto Power, it is advisable to rush to the location as soon as the match begins.

In the event that another player secures the Magneto Power first, you can still acquire it by eliminating them and claiming it from their dropped loot. This weapon grants its user powerful abilities, making the competition intense and challenging.

Once you have equipped the Magneto Gauntlets, you gain access to two distinct functions. The right trigger allows you to unleash a devastating blast of metal and energy, dealing significant damage to your adversaries. You can store up to five charges of this attack, with each use requiring a brief recharge time of 5-6 seconds before it can be utilized again.

On the other hand, the left trigger enables you to summon a metallic shield in front of you, providing a substantial defense against incoming attacks. This shield can absorb a considerable amount of damage before it breaks, giving you a valuable defensive tool in intense combat situations.

After acquiring the Magneto Power, there are several tasks you can accomplish to fully master its capabilities. These include hitting vehicles with the Magneto Power to destroy them, traveling significant distances in the air by combining jumps with the weapon’s propulsion ability, eliminating opponents in battles using its powerful attacks, and blocking incoming hits to test the shield’s durability.

By completing these objectives and honing your skills with the Magneto Power, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield, turning the tide of battles in your favor and outsmarting your opponents with strategic and precise gameplay.

Mastering the Magneto Power in Fortnite requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise execution of its abilities. By following the steps outlined in this guide and practicing with the weapon in various scenarios, you can elevate your gameplay and dominate the opposition in the world of Fortnite. So, gear up, head to the Brawler’s Battleground, and harness the power of Magneto to secure victory in every match you play.


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