In a recent blog post, Meta announced its plan to expand limitations on political content across its platforms Instagram and Threads. The update aims to allow users greater control over the type of content they see, ensuring that political content is not recommended unless explicitly chosen by the user. This development comes as Meta continues to distance itself from news and politics, with only a small percentage of politically related content appearing on Facebook feeds in 2022.

Meta’s decision to expand limitations on political content aligns with its goal of preserving user agency while also respecting their individual preferences and interests. By filtering out political content from recommended feeds, Meta ensures that users can curate their social media experience to suit their personal tastes. With the changes set to roll out over the next few weeks, users will have the option to disable the content limitation within their account settings if they wish to continue receiving recommended political content.

The expanded limitations on political content will primarily apply to public accounts and will affect content recommendations in various sections of the platforms, including Explore, Reels, in-feed recommendations, and suggested users. However, these changes will not alter how users view content from accounts they actively follow. Therefore, accounts that do not meet the requirements for recommendation eligibility can still share political content directly with their followers through feed and Stories.

For content creators, Meta’s new policy may have implications on their potential reach and visibility. Accounts that are not eligible to be recommended will not have any of their content recommended, regardless of whether it complies with Meta’s recommendation guidelines. To address this, professional accounts on Instagram can utilize the Account Status feature to assess if posting political content impacts their eligibility for recommendation. Additionally, professional accounts can contest decisions that revoke their eligibility and make adjustments to politically related posts until they regain the recommendation status.

Meta’s commitment to distancing itself from news and politics is not a new development. Over the years, the company has implemented various measures to minimize the presence of political content on its platforms. The limited engagement and potential negativity associated with political content have been cited as key reasons behind this approach. By prioritizing user experience and focusing on content that aligns with users’ preferences, Meta aims to create a more enjoyable and less divisive social media environment.

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, Meta’s decision to expand limitations on political content echoes the company’s cautious approach to avoid potential scrutiny and negativity tied to political discussions. By curating users’ content recommendations and providing the option to opt out of political content, Meta hopes to maintain a balance between preserving freedom of expression and fostering a positive social media experience.

Meta’s decision to expand limitations on political content across Instagram and Threads demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience and creating a more tailored social media environment. By giving users greater control over the type of content they see, Meta aims to strike a balance between preserving freedom of expression and minimizing the potential divisiveness associated with political discussions. As these changes are implemented over the next few weeks, users can expect more personalized and curated content recommendations that align with their interests and preferences.


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