Microsoft seems to be on the brink of introducing an exciting new change to the Windows 11 Start menu. The latest test versions of Windows 11 have revealed a potential feature called “Start menu Companions,” which is currently being quietly tested by the tech giant.

The Start menu Companions in Windows 11 could revolutionize the user experience by offering a floating panel filled with “companion” widgets. These widgets are seen as a way for developers to extend the functionality of the Start menu by providing users with widget-like information in a customizable and interactive format.

It appears that users will have the option to configure and customize these companions through the main Windows 11 Settings section. This will allow users to install multiple companions and easily toggle between them, enabling or disabling them as needed. The level of flexibility and personalization that this feature could offer is indeed promising.

According to reports, these companions are expected to be web-centric, similar to the widgets found in Windows 11. This implementation could provide a seamless experience for users who are already familiar with the concept of widgets and how they enhance productivity and convenience.

The potential introduction of Start menu Companions could potentially fill the void left by Live Tiles, which were removed in Windows 10X and Windows 11. Live Tiles, which were once a hallmark feature of Windows Phone, provided users with dynamic and interactive information directly on the Start menu. However, their lack of widespread support from app developers ultimately led to their demise.

If Microsoft decides to move forward with the Start menu Companions feature, it could mark a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience on Windows 11. By offering users additional customization options and interactive widgets, Microsoft has the opportunity to create a more dynamic and engaging user interface that caters to the modern needs of its diverse user base. Overall, the potential for Start menu Companions to reshape how users interact with Windows 11 is undoubtedly an exciting prospect to look forward to.


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