During the recent Future of Xbox event, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer made an intriguing announcement. He stated that four Xbox games would be launching on new consoles; however, he did not reveal which four games they would be. While we can only speculate based on Spencer’s comments, we do know that highly anticipated titles like Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will not be part of this multiplatform release. In this article, we will analyze the available information and make educated guesses about the possible Xbox exclusives that may be going multiplatform.

Spencer’s direct denial of Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle being part of the multiplatform release eliminates any doubt about their inclusion. These titles were previously rumored to be upcoming PS5 games, but it seems that they will remain exclusive to Xbox consoles. Additionally, Spencer clarified that the first games coming to new consoles are more than a year old, ruling out any 2023 releases like Forza Motorsport or Redfall.

According to Spencer, some of the games making the multiplatform jump are “community-driven” and have “reached their full potential on Xbox and PC.” Based on these criteria, two potential candidates stand out: Sea of Thieves and Grounded. These two games possess a service-based multiplayer design that encourages community engagement. Moreover, considering their age, gamers who were interested in these titles would likely have already purchased them for Xbox or PC. Expanding their audience beyond the current ecosystem seems like a logical move for Microsoft.

Spencer mentioned that the remaining two games are “smaller games that were never really meant to be built as platform exclusives.” Reports from earlier in the week point to Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment as possible candidates. Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Tango Gameworks, is a departure from their usual horror game repertoire. This loud and colorful game fits the description of a passion project and launched in 2022, making it compatible with the age criteria mentioned by Spencer. On the other hand, Pentiment, described as a passion project by its director, Josh Sawyer, has recently celebrated its first birthday. Both of these games, being smaller experiences, align with Spencer’s comments.

Spencer’s desire to support the studios financially suggests that the multiplatform release may feature smaller games rather than major titles like Gears of War or Halo. By porting these passion projects to other platforms, Microsoft can help keep the studios involved in good financial health. This strategy seems more feasible for games with lower development costs and a niche but dedicated fanbase.

While the focus of the Future of Xbox event was on the immediate multiplatform release, Microsoft is already teasing its console future. The company has hinted at more announcements later this year and has promised that its next machine will offer “the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.” These bold claims are sure to pique the interest of gamers and industry experts alike, but it remains to be seen when and how this battle will unfold.

While the specific Xbox exclusives going multiplatform have not been officially announced yet, we can make educated guesses based on the information provided by Phil Spencer. Games like Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, and Pentiment appear to be the best fit for the criteria mentioned. These titles align with the idea of being community-driven, smaller experiences that have already reached their full potential on Xbox and PC. It will be exciting to see how Microsoft executes this multiplatform release and what it means for the future of Xbox gaming.


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