MSI, a renowned manufacturer in the gaming industry, has recently announced the launch of a limited edition graphic card named RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition. This special edition graphics card is designed in Nvidia green color, paying homage to the enduring partnership between MSI and Nvidia. With a touch of RGB lighting, this GPU is a testament to the friendship and collaboration these two companies have shared throughout the years.

The decision to choose the RTX 4060 SKU for this limited edition release raises some questions. When this model was initially released, it did not receive the best reception from consumers. Perhaps, the most perplexing aspect is the nomenclature. The graphics card, in terms of its specs and performance, would have been better suited to the name RTX 4050. It seems as though MSI selected this particular model due to excess stock of AD107 GPUs, aiming to clear their inventory through this limited edition offering.

Despite the initial mixed reception, the RTX 4060 continues to be a popular choice among consumers. The graphics card offers excellent performance and stands out due to its low power consumption. Therefore, it is no surprise that this limited edition release is expected to sell out. Not only is it a desirable product for Nvidia enthusiasts, but it also appeals to consumers who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a green-themed card.

One commendable aspect of the RTX 4060’s release is the environmentally friendly packaging. MSI has opted for 100% paper-based materials, completely eliminating the use of plastics. While this should be a standard practice for all PC component packaging in today’s world, it is still an applaudable choice that MSI has made.

Green happens to be the favorite color of many individuals, myself included. Even my gaming rig features green RGB lighting. However, the shade of green used by Nvidia for their branding is a little too light for my personal taste. Nevertheless, aesthetics are subjective, and there are certainly Nvidia fans who will appreciate this option.

With a limited production run of only 6,000 units, the RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition is exclusively available in select countries. These countries include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and a few European countries, such as the United Kingdom. The exclusivity of this release adds to its appeal, as consumers in these regions will have the opportunity to own a truly unique and limited edition graphics card.

The release of the MSI RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition is an exciting development for Nvidia enthusiasts and collectors alike. Despite its unusual choice of model and nomenclature, this limited edition graphics card is expected to be in high demand due to its performance, aesthetic appeal, and exclusivity. With its commitment to eco-friendly packaging, MSI sets a positive example for the industry as a whole. Ultimately, the decision to invest in this limited edition graphics card will come down to personal preference and the desire to own a truly special piece of hardware.


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