When it comes to gaming laptops, performance is a crucial factor for avid gamers. However, the price of high-performance laptops often becomes a hurdle for many gamers. The Nvidia RTX 40 Series laptop GPUs initially created a buzz in the gaming community, with the RTX 4090 laptops costing a whopping $4,000. Surprisingly, it turned out that the RTX 4080 laptop GPU could sometimes outperform its more expensive counterpart. The key factor behind this unexpected outcome is the wattage. If a GPU is limited in terms of power, its overall performance suffers. However, MSI has now introduced the MSI Vector GP68HX gaming laptop, equipped with a full 175W Nvidia RTX 4080 mobile GPU, at an affordable price of $1,699 on Newegg.

The MSI Vector GP68HX boasts a powerful 175W Nvidia RTX 4080 mobile GPU, which offers exceptional gaming performance. With this GPU, the laptop is likely to outperform some RTX 4090 laptops that cost significantly more. The 16-inch 1080p IPS screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz ensures smooth and immersive gameplay. Additionally, the laptop features 16GB of RAM and a spacious 1TB SSD, providing ample storage for games and other files.

Although the CPU of the MSI Vector GP68HX is the previous generation Intel Core i9 12900H, it remains a powerhouse for mobile gaming. With eight Performance-cores and eight Efficient-cores, this CPU delivers impressive performance. However, users may experience some flickering issues when the laptop switches between the Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU and the integrated GPU of the Intel CPU. While this may be a slight drawback, it does not significantly impact the overall gaming experience.

The MSI Vector GP68HX provides ample connectivity options for gamers. It features high bandwidth USB-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode, allowing users to connect external displays. Another USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4 support offers additional connectivity. The laptop is also equipped with HDMI 2.1, an SD card reader, and Ethernet ports, providing a wide range of options for connecting peripherals and accessories. Moreover, the laptop’s 90Whr battery ensures long gaming sessions without the need for frequent charging.

One notable feature of the MSI Vector GP68HX is its full per-key RGB keyboard, engineered by SteelSeries. This keyboard allows gamers to customize the lighting of individual keys, enhancing the aesthetics of the laptop. The combination of high-performance hardware, a vibrant display, and a customizable keyboard makes the MSI Vector GP68HX an excellent choice for gamers seeking an immersive gaming experience.

The MSI Vector GP68HX offers high-performance gaming at an affordable price point. With its 175W Nvidia RTX 4080 mobile GPU, gamers can expect impressive gaming capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other gaming laptops. The laptop’s generous display, ample storage, and powerful CPU further enhance its gaming capabilities. While there may be some minor flickering issues during GPU switching, the overall experience remains stellar. The MSI Vector GP68HX sets a new standard for affordable gaming laptops and provides gamers with an excellent option for enjoying their favorite games with high performance and exceptional value for money.


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