Netlist, a California based memory technology company, has emerged victorious in a legal battle against Micron. The court has ordered Micron to pay a whopping $445 million in damages for infringing on Netlist’s patents. This decision comes after it was found that Micron willfully violated Netlist’s patent rights.

The patents at the center of the case are US Patent numbers 7,619,912 and 11,093,417. The first patent focuses on a memory module decoder, while the second patent relates to the data buffering of memory modules. Both patents aim to enhance the performance and capacity of DRAM memory modules in computer systems.

The jury awarded $425 million for the infringement of the first patent and an additional $20 million for the violation of the second patent. This substantial sum reflects the severity of Micron’s infringement on Netlist’s intellectual property.

This is not the first time Netlist has prevailed in a patent infringement case. In 2023, the company was awarded $303 million in damages in a similar lawsuit against Samsung. However, legal proceedings in that case are ongoing, despite the favorable ruling for Netlist.

During the trial, Micron argued that the ‘912 patent held by Netlist had been deemed invalid by the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Micron has expressed its intention to appeal the court’s decision and challenge the validity of the patents in question.

Despite the hefty $445 million damages, Micron remains financially stable. The company has been experiencing growth in revenue, particularly in its enterprise memory products which cater to the AI market. Micron’s latest financial report indicates a significant increase in quarterly revenue, showcasing its ability to navigate legal challenges.

Netlist’s victory in the patent infringement case against Micron highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights. The substantial damages awarded serve as a deterrent against future infringements and emphasize the significance of respecting patent laws in the technology sector. As the legal battle continues, both companies will undoubtedly take necessary steps to protect their interests and uphold the integrity of their innovations.


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