Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer behind Helldivers 2, has recently appointed a new CEO, Shams Jorjani. With this change in leadership, Jorjani has made a public appearance in the gaming community, addressing the demand for more updates and improvements to the game. The studio’s focus is set on delivering “MOAR” content to satisfy the players’ insatiable hunger for new and exciting features.

Jorjani acknowledges the current understaffing issue within the studio and the challenges of keeping up with the high demand for updates. He emphasizes the importance of finding a sustainable pace for growth that allows Arrowhead to create more and better content for its players in the long term. This commitment to growth aims at enhancing the gaming experience while maintaining a positive and productive working environment within the studio.

The transition from outgoing CEO Johan Pilestedt to Shams Jorjani involves a shift in focus for Pilestedt towards game development and closer collaboration with the game director and design team. Jorjani describes Pilestedt as the mentor figure within the studio, guiding and influencing the development process. This transition reflects the studio’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering creativity among its team members.

Jorjani’s message to the fans includes a detailed account of his history with Arrowhead Game Studios, dating back to his time as a producer with Paradox, the publisher for the studio’s debut title, Magicka. He shares insights into the challenges faced during the launch of Magicka and the subsequent efforts to address and fix issues within the game. This personal connection to the studio’s past highlights Jorjani’s commitment to transparency and open communication with the community.

One of the key aspects emphasized by Jorjani is the studio’s commitment to clear and regular communication with the players. This transparency is demonstrated through a lengthy Reddit post outlining the studio’s plans for future updates and addressing player feedback. Jorjani recognizes the importance of community engagement and vows to maintain a strong presence within the gaming community to address concerns and gather feedback effectively.

The appointment of Shams Jorjani as the new CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios marks a significant step towards enhancing the gaming experience for players of Helldivers 2. Jorjani’s promise of “MOAR” updates reflects the studio’s dedication to meeting the demands of the community and delivering exciting new content. With a focus on growth, communication, and community engagement, Arrowhead is poised to continue its success in the gaming industry under Jorjani’s leadership.


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